The fee quoted from CloudCounting seems very reasonable in relation to the fees I pay to my accountant ... why is this?

CloudCounting is very committed to providing value for service at a reasonable price.  By working out of a small office and keeping overheads low, we can offer you all of the credentials of your local accountant for a much lower hourly rate.

CloudCounting is fully insured and holds a Certificate of Public Practice from the ICAA.  She can provide client references to you if needed.  When Tracey prepares invoices she uses detailed timelines so you can see exactly where the time has been spent and query any items you wish to discuss.

CloudCounting has professional relationships with many accountants and can make introductions if needed to enable you to receive tax and structuring advice.

Why should I use a Chartered Accountant as my MYOB Trainer?

Chartered Accountants are university degree qualified professionals who also have worked in an accounting environment for many years and sit professional exams to receive the qualification.  They understand how important it is to set up your accounting system to minimize errors and ensure your data is accurate for year end procedures.

CloudCounting can advise you on accounting and management reporting decisions throughout the MYOB training process by using her extensive background as an accountant.

I already have an accountant but I have lots of small MYOB questions and need some training once in a while?

CloudCounting would be pleased to schedule an onsite visit in Brisbane to cover your specific questions and provide customized training to suit your needs.  We work with many accountants on behalf of our clients.

How much will it cost my business to get set up on an accounting package such as MYOB?

Again, this will depend on the complexity of your chart of accounts and which modules your business will need.  If your business is not using payroll, time billing or inventory a typical setup would take approximately two hours which includes consultation with you about your
business' reporting needs.  

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